An image of Tshepo the Jean Maker, for a profile on him and his business.

A man of the denim cloth

Tshepo says his love of fashion started at home where he was raised by his mother, his aunt and his grandmother. Each of them playing a part in making him who he is today. From his grandmother, who is a pastor, the dictum: You are a gentleman and you always have to look like one. From his aunt the love of fashion as a way to express who you are. And from his mother a desire to succeed…

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Shoe No 14

From then he knew that his was to be a life of entrepreneurship. But, like Joseph Campbell’s prototypical hero, he at first refused the call for a stint in corporate that took him to the Middle East for three years. For many people this would be enough: from Alex to university to working for PWC abroad is an accomplishment on its own – but Theo had grander plans…

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A profile of Theo Baloyi, owner of Bathu shoes.
The cyclists of Velokhaya Cycling Academy.

The cyclists of Velokhaya

From a distance you might not think this nondescript patch of land is a production ground for South Africa’s best on two wheels. The loose sands that typify Khayelitsha are not where you would normally expect to find the next professional Giro cyclist: names like Luthando Kaka, Nicholas Dlamini and Songezo Jim…

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