Content Specialist

My job was to build a content hub: from creating it with WordPress to finding and managing a team of writers. I developed content for campaigns and multimedia stories about merchants that used Yoco card payment machines. In addition to this I managed the distribution of content and optimised it for search engines. The role was analogous to an editor bringing together video production crews, photographers, writers and designers to create content.

The Open by Yoco content hub
The Open by Yoco content hub

Allan Gray

Communications Specialist

As a communications specialist at Allan Gray Investment Management I was involved in content creation (for radio, print and online), public relations management, webinar production and other creative projects.

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Performance Review


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Performance Review


Adviser webinars

Webinars became a key communication channel with financial advisers for Allan Gray. I was tasked with running the project. This involved everything from preparing speakers and editing slides to buying technical equipment and running sessions.

The Jupiter Drawing Room

Creative Copywriter

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town is an advertising agency where I worked on brands such as Windhoek Beer, Hyundai, Vitaminwater, Sanlam (financial services), Lucky Star (food) and Club Mykonos (accommodation) in print, radio, online and television.

Windhoek Pure Beer Society

I was part of the team that worked on creating branded drinking venues for Windhoek Beer. The full-spectrum campaign included furniture design, a themed website, events, TV and radio. Some of my writing ended up as table etchings and wallpapering. The campaign won Loeries, a silver Cannes and bronze Clio.​


Online Magazine Editor

Sumango was a subsidiary of EssentialTravel.co.uk, which was itself a part of the Thomas Cook Group (now defunct). It was responsible for the online marketing of their travel insurance products. During my time there I went from intern to senior writer to online magazine editor – managing the sourcing, writing and editing of articles, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising.

The Essential Travel UK magazine

Essential Travel UK

The ghost of the magazine is still viewable online. Each month we would produce content around a travel theme with content in different article formats (24 hours in a city, in-depth, interviews, etc). The monthly magazine was supplemented by a weekly blog with shorter pieces.

University of Cape Town

My study majors were in History and Philosophy, with the former the focus of my postgraduate studies. In addition to this I took electives in Astronomy, Politics, Economics and Gender Studies. During my time at university I was a tutor at schools around Cape Town and I volunteered at the Disabilities Unit. The latter involved converting study material into braille and note-taking. 

Developed a theme for matomo
analytics that matches the styling
of my website


I’m not the biggest fan of the styling of matomo so I decided to create a more minimal look that works with my website. The next step is looking at icons and rationalising the structure of the CSS to make it easier to maintain.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Less
Header image for an online store I created.

Online store

An example online store website for repairing electronic devices. Cart details are stored in session storage and the checkout page calculates the order amount. This site is not connected to any backend, so once you confirm the order it resets.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
The logo of the card game I built using React

A memory card game made using React

One of my favourite apps for brain exercises was deprecated, so I decided to try making my own game.
An interesting challenge working with randomness, state storage, deploying React to an Apache server (!) and Heroku and other unexpected complexities.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • React
  • Heroku
A screenshot of my card memory game built with React.
The logo for the macupdater app

A universal updater app

A macOS autoupdater. This app updates brew, brew cask apps, apm packages, ruby gems, rvm, npm packages and macOS apps and system software.
Note: the app only runs in the admin account as it needs admin privileges (for now).

A logo for the mobisync script

Syncing macOS and Android

Support for Android users who want to sync with macOS is poor. So I created this app to sync between the devices when I charge my Android using USB.
Note: this app will delete files on your Android. I’m working on some safety measures.


Code documentation

An overview of the code base for the macupdater app, which I am actively developing. After reading this you should be able to edit the app yourself and add update modules to it.

  • Markdown
  • GitBook


In the process of creating a full-stack app (FilmRev) I have been using JSDoc to document the code. When it is done the documentation will be outputted as a seperate website. Work in progress.

  • JSDoc
  • Yarn

API documentation

An example of some API documentation that I’ve done. Here I took a Stripe API and rewrote its documentation using the Open API Specification (specifically version 2.0). 

  • Markdown
  • Swagger

User documentation

When the Yoco Go card machine was launched in 2019 I was tasked with creating documentation for it. The concern was that the call centre would not be able to handle high volumes, so the copy had to be understandable and precise.

The Yoco Go card machine.

UX writing

Allan Gray Online, where clients manage their investments, was relaunched in 2018 with a new design. To accompany the redesign I wrote copy to help investors understand technical financial jargon and to help them transact.

University of Cape Town logo on the work experience page of gugulet.hu
Bachelor of Social Science

Philosophy and History

University of Cape Town logo on the work experience page of gugulet.hu
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


Coursera logo on the resume page of gugulet.hu


The HyperionDev logo on the resume page of gugulet.hu

Full-Stack Web Dev

The Team Treehouse logo.

Web Development

The Udemy logo on the resume page of gugulet.hu

REST API Documentation

The Udemy logo on the resume page of gugulet.hu

Swagger & the Open API Spec