Developed a theme for matomo
analytics that matches the styling
of my website

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The matomo login page when using G Theme
The matomo dashboard when using G-Theme. A theme I created in CSS

API documentation

An example of some API documentation that I’ve done. Here I took a Stripe API and rewrote its documentation using the Open API Specification (specifically version 2.0). 

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Code documentation

An overview of the code base for the macupdater app, which I am actively developing. After reading this you should be able to edit the app yourself and add update modules to it.

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User documentation

When the Yoco Go card machine was launched in 2019 I was tasked with creating documentation for it. The concern was that the call centre would not be able to handle high volumes, so the copy had to be understandable and precise.

The Yoco Go card machine.
Header image for an online store I created.

Online store

A demo online store for repairing electronic devices. Cart details are stored in session storage and the checkout page calculates the order amount. This site is not connected to any backend, so once you confirm the order it resets.

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The logo of the card game I built using React

A memory card game made using React

One of my favourite apps for brain exercises was deprecated, so I decided to try making my own game.
An interesting challenge working with randomness, state storage, deploying React to an Apache server (!) and Heroku and other unexpected complexities.

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A memory card game made in React that I coded.
The logo for the macupdater app

A universal updater app

A macOS autoupdater. This app updates brew, brew cask apps, apm packages, ruby gems, rvm, npm packages and macOS apps and system software.
Note: the app only runs in the admin account as it needs admin privileges (for now).

A logo for the mobisync script

Syncing macOS and Android

Support for Android users who want to sync with macOS is poor. So I created this app to sync between the devices when I charge my Android using USB.
Note: this app will delete files on your Android. I’m working on some safety measures.


24 Hours in Lisbon

If Europe were a city, Lisbon would be where everyone congregated on Friday to kick off the weekend. The sun, the beaches, and the centres of culture and finance inspire envy from her more northerly neighbours, but luckily for us Lisbon is but a few hours away. Read our guide to Lisbon for your next jaunt down south.

24 Hours in Singapore

Like its mythical mascot - the Merlion with the head of a lion and body of a fish - the city-state of Singapore is one of a kind. A highly developed nation where the old is juxtaposed with the new in gleaming skyscrapers and historical spaces. Our guide to Singapore has the best of both worlds for you to explore.

How are companies governed?

The board picks the destination of the car, which route it wants to take to get there, and whether it wants to get there in a hurry or not (i.e. how much risk it wants to take). It is then up to the executives to implement this plan – that is, to do the day-to-day driving and maintenance to ensure the car gets to where it needs to go.

What does the price of a unit trust mean?

When you buy a product or a service, the price you pay for that item tells you something about it. An apple that costs R50 (suspiciously expensive) or an Apple computer that costs R500 (suspiciously cheap) might make you doubtful. So what does the price of a unit trust tell you? Does a unit trust that costs R2 have less quality or more value than one that costs R20?

Top Fashion Capitals

For some, the most important part of travelling is not the runway that you jet off on, but rather the catwalk that awaits you on the other end. The question of which destination to pick becomes quite vexing when there are so many fashion shows and weeks to compete for your attention. To help you pick out the best, most fashionable places to be seen at, we've collected the top established and rising fashion capitals of the world.

The Shell Game: A Look Into the Future of Retail Payments

Retail is changing at a breakneck pace and payments along with it. Find out where the retail payments industry is going with a look at three trends on the horizon... Well into the 20th-century shells were an acceptable form of payment in certain parts of West Africa. Cowry money could be used to buy livestock, slaves, and services in many parts of Asia and Africa for centuries.

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    Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
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A video travelogue of a road trip from Victoria Falls to Nairobi through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.