Quantified Self

An ongoing series of projects to quantify aspects of my life such as diet, health, finances, exercise, time management, media consumption...etc. Data is collected into the central store of excel spreadsheet dashboards. The next phase is moving this into a web dashboard with the data stored in an SQL database. Below are some snippets of the information produced.

19 500+ financial transactions
Junk vs Healthy Food Expenditure
9 100+ exercise sets
Monthly Step Count
800+ reviews of books, TV and film
Book Ratings


A selection of my writing from profiles to academic writing to technical writing and creating online courses.
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A thesis by Gugulethu Hlekwayo inHistorical Approaches Volume 7, 2009.

Muir Street Murder of 1906

More than a century ago a man was killed ... in broad daylight. The story of Ishmael Buggas's death presents us with an insight into the neglected histories of the underclass of Cape Town ... whose lives are often absent from the pages of South African history.

A screenshot of a story on Bathu shoes on the projects page of ggulet.hu

Bathu: Shoe No. 14

South Africa has a rich selection of traditional home-grown shoes, but on the streets the familiar names ... are the staple. For Theo Baloyi, founder of Bathu shoes, this presented a challenge: how do we as South Africans reclaim ... our local street culture?

East Africa

Photography and video projects from an overland trip of about 4 000 kilometres from Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) to Nairobi (Kenya). Stops and sights along the way included: Lusaka, Lake Victoria, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Arusha.


A screenshot of an article about rethinking your view of savings and investments on the projects page of gugulet.hu

Dying at the end of the month

Imagine ... that your life began on 1 July and ended on the 31st – say, 80 years ... shrunk down to 31 days. What would your savings picture look like then? In this scenario, you will typically start your first job promptly at 4:30pm on 10 July at the age of 25...

A screenshot of a story on Velokhaya Cycling Academy in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Meet the cyclists of Velokhaya

In cycling the peloton ... is safety ... The peloton for the youth of Khayelitsha is Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy, which takes cohorts of promising young people away from the pitfalls of township life and steers them towards education and achievement.


Réunion is a French commune in the middle of the Indian Ocean (next to Mauritius) that I had the opportunity to explore. The landscape is so varied: jungle, volcano and beach - all in a small area. The island offered all types of adventures (except for surfing, it's the shark attack capital) including hikes, helicopter flights, local arts and crafts and a vibrant history. Here is a summary video project of that trip.


Some visual coding done on Android using the Automate app, which allows you to create apps that respond to inputs on your phone. These scripts have been refined over years and save me time. Some of the scripting resembles Javascript, but done visually. The documents are quite large, so you'll have to click below to see them in their full aspect.

A screenshot of the exercise script from Automate


This script runs every day at a predetermined time and collects a review of the day (diet, feeling, exercise, productivity). It also collects weather data and air quality info via APIs.

A screenshot of the review script from Automate


For a long time I used exercise apps to record gym sessions until I created my own script. It can create workouts, set reps, set rest etc and run the app during a workout to record everything.

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Da Vinci Resolve

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